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Criteria for determining the lawyer’s fee are the nature and the difficulty of the case, the time involved, the usual fees for cases of the same type, the lawyer’s experience and specialized knowledge, as well as the care with which he handles the case. The client’s financial means are always taken into account.
The fee is agreed on from the outset and can be either a lump sum or installments, a percentage of the sum gained or saved by the client, an additional sum for the successful outcome of the case, or a combination of these.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we propose an agreement in writing for the fee.

Fees for lawyers’ services are subject to VAT.


In cases that have to be resolved by the court, as well as in other provisions of services by the lawyer, the client undertakes the expenses demanded for the completion of the litigation.

Indicatively, such expenses are the fees of process servers, expenses and fees of process servers, appraisers and other expert professionals whose services are considered essential, court expenses such as deposits, revenue stamps, court stamp, etc., rights of registers of deeds and of cadastre.

The client is informed in advance of the possible expenses that handling of his case will incur. It is noted that sometimes additional expenses arise, which cannot be foreseen from the outset.